Technology is expanding at a rapid rate.  What used to fit into a building now fits into your pocket.  What fits into your pocket now fit into a human cell in 10-15 years. Technology is doubling every 12-18 months.  Technology is all around us and in many regards, driving the economy. 

From your cell phone to personal computer to your tablet, people are relying more and more on these devices.  Over 85% of all consumers use the internet to find local business.  Mobile devices are now used more than a personal computer for accessing the web.

With the continued use of technology in our lives, there is also risk.  Fraud is on the rise as efforts are made every second of the day to access your personal information. 

It is our job to help protect you from this fraud.  If you are a personal client of Knapp Tedesco, we want to make certain your homeowners policy has identify theft protection in the event that your identity is compromised.  Some carriers offer this as a part of your home owner policy; others require an endorsement.

If you are a commercial or business client of the agency, we want to make sure you are protected with data compromise and cyber liability coverage.  This coverage assists you and your business with the cost to restore data that may be comprised and to notify your customers.  This is one of the most significant risks in operating a business today.

This newsletter is dedicated to educating you about the risks of using technology.  Distracted driving is oftentimes caused by texting or cell phone use.  Driverless cars appear to be on the horizon.  Drones are creating interesting discussions about their use and the liability associated with these instruments.

If we can’t survive without technology, we should at least understand the risk of using it in our daily lives.  I trust you will find this newsletter informative and useful:!.pdf

Thank you for your business.  We appreciate the relationship.

Steve Goodhue