Since 1926, our team of experts at Knapp Tedesco have been committed to guiding you to find the best insurance coverage to protect what’s most valuable to you. When navigating the realities of finding a unique policy that works for your life, we want to ensure that you have the resources you need to succeed when you partner with Knapp Tedesco Insurance.

Here are five common insurance myths we hear from our clients:

1.       Owners of red colored vehicles pay more for auto insurance coverage

a.       Many people believe that red cars are more prone to accidents, traffic stops, and overall mayhem. In fact, most carriers don’t ask about the color of your vehicle when signing you up for coverage. Insurers care much more about the make and model, aspects of the car that may actually affect your safety and, consequently, your premiums.

2.       If my neighbor’s tree falls on my house or in my yard, my neighbor pays for the damage

a.       This insurance myth can be difficult to understand for people, but in most cases, your insurance pays for any damage to your property when you file a claim through your insurance, minus the deductible. However, in a situation that the tree is diseased or otherwise weakened, and you can document that you warned the neighbor, the neighbor could be responsible for the damage.

3.       Home insurance will pay for any natural disaster damage to my home

a.       It’s easy to assume that your house receives insurance protection for any event. However, home insurance has restrictions and exclusions. Two major causes of damage that usually don’t receive coverage under a standard home insurance policy are floods and earthquakes. Our team at Knapp Tedesco will be your advocate in the process of finding the right amount of policy protection for your home. Connect with one of our experts at Knapp Tedesco today to help you determine what Homeowners Insurance coverage is best for you.

4.       All of my home’s contents are covered under home insurance

a.       If you only purchase standard home insurance coverage, you could leave your high value possessions, such as jewelry, art, sports equipment, and electronics, unprotected. If you have high value items in your home, you can fully protect them by purchasing an endorsement, fine arts floater, or collectibles policy. Those items can receive protection even if they become damaged or stolen when stored outside of the home.  Reach out to one of our Knapp Tedesco team members to learn more about our high value articles coverage options.

5.       I’m not legally responsible for a trespasser on my property.

a.       Many of our clients know that they can be held responsible for injuries sustained by guests on their property, but they are also responsible for injuries sustained by uninvited guests on their property as well.  If you have a pool, trampoline, or other “attractive nuisance” on your property and don’t protect it properly, you could be liable if something goes wrong. Ensure to inform your carrier of all such items on your property so that you can plan appropriate safety measures.

Our team at Knapp Tedesco Insurance wants you to be fully covered in every area that you need it. Debunking these myths is a step in ensuring that you have the right knowledge and confidence when choosing a policy that works best for you.

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