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Your Landlord's Insurance Doesn't Cover Your Belongings - Find Out How To Protect Yourself!

You may be wondering whether Renters Insurance is important. If you are a millionaire, you probably don’t need to worry about it, but if you are an average person and rent an apartment, condo, or any other kind of property, you will probably need this coverage.

You might ask “what’s the worse that can happen?” Here are few examples:

  • You are at the library studying and you leave your work space for a few minutes only to return and find that your laptop has been stolen.
  • You park and lock your bike in the bike rack at your apartment and when you go to leave you realize your bike has been stolen.
  • Your roommate causes a grease fire in your kitchen causing substantial damage.
  • Someone visiting your apartment slips on your wet kitchen floor and is badly injured.
  • Your dog bites someone visiting at your apartment resulting in injuries and perhaps a lawsuit.

The average renter has approximately $35,000 worth of possesions in their apartment and that is worth protecting with a Rental Insurance policy.

Renter Insurance 101 – What’s Covered

Your policy will you with the financial protection you need in case of an unfortunate event or an accident. A standard Renters Insurance policy provides these basic coverages:

  • Personal property – covers your personal belongings if they are lost, damaged or stolen.
  • Loss of Use – pays for temporary housing if your rental is unlivable due to a claim.
  • Liability – protects you if someone gets hurt in your apartment and you are held liable. If it’s severe and a lawsuit if filed against you, liability insurance pays for your legal defense.

There are optional coverages that can be included on a standard renters policy in order to customize it to your specific needs. Choosing the right Rental Insurance takes know-how and Knapp Tedesco Insurance is here to help. We can guide you through your Renter Insurance helping you to make informed decisions about including replacement value coverage, your deductible options and making certain the proper discounts are applied to your renters policy.

Knapp Tedesco Insurance – Your Trusted Advisor

When you work with our agents, you have access to our agents – your trusted advisor – who will be your advocate in the process. Purchasing the right Rental Insurance is very important in order to keep you from suffering from financial ruin. We can make sure you are getting the protection you need at a price you can afford.

Knapp Tedesco Insurance has been insuring renters in Ames since 1926. Don’t wait until a claim happens to think about Renter Insurance. Be proactive and line up your protection today by completing the Quote Form on this page and let us get to work on our protection today!

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