Ames Umbrella Insurance

What Is An Umbrella Policy?

In today’s litigious society there are many accidents which can happen with everyday common activities that result in worse case scenarios. Being held legally liable for injury or damage to another person could exhaust your home or auto liability limits and cause financial ruin to your family. A personal umbrella works hand in hand with your existing auto or home insurance, adding a layer of liability limits to protect you.

Many people ask why they need Umbrella Insurance. Umbrella policies are additional liability coverage which protect your financial assets and make the difference in your ability to meet your responsibility to reimburse other for their injury or damage.

Why You Need Umbrella Liability Insurance - Imagine These Worse Case Scenarios

  • You are at-fault in an auto accident that causes serious bodily injury to the driver of the other car. The driver undergoes several surgeries and months of rehabilitation which results in extensive medical bills. Along with this, the injured sustains lost income and pain and suffering. The injured driver eventually sues and you are given a $500,000 judgment. Your auto insurance company will pay the limit on your policy of $100,000 and you are responsible for the remaining $400,000.
  • As your dog ages he becomes unpredictable and sometimes bites when provoked. One day your dog is in the yard when a neighborhood child approaches your dog from behind startling the dog causing him to bite the face and neck of the child. This results in serious injuries, some of which are long term. You are held legally liable with a resulting judgment of $340,000. Your home insurance company pays the limit on your home policy of $100,000 and you are responsible for the balance of $240,000.

It’s likely that either one of these scenarios would cause severe financial hardship on you and your family. Umbrella Insurance provides you with the financial protection you need in case of an unfortunate event or an accident.

Knapp Tedesco Insurance – Your Trusted Advisor

Knapp Tedesco Insurance has been providing Umbrella Liability Insurance in Ames since 1926. Don’t wait until a horrific claim happens to think about an umbrella. Contact us today and arrange the protection that you need. Complete the Quote Form on this page and let us get to work on your protection today!

When you work with Knapp Tedesco Insurance you have access to our agents – your trusted advisor – who will be your advocate in the process. Purchasing Umbrella Liability Insurance is very important in order to keep you from suffering from financial ruin. Your policy will be extremely affordable and will provide massive amounts of coverage for just pennies per day.

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