5 Activities to Do While Trying to Limit Social Interaction

June 01, 2020

Starting to get bored while at home? Use this list of 5 activities to keep you occupied while trying to limit social interaction.

1. Go on a walk

There are numerous benefits of going on a walk. Along with physical benefits, walking helps improve your self-esteem, mood and quality of sleep. After being cooped up inside all day, your body will thank you for a relaxing walk outdoors.

2. Call a relative or friend

During this time, family, friends and relatives need us the most. Check in with your friends and family to maintain relationships. Reach out to someone you haven’t heard from in a while. We’re sure it will make their day.

3. Organize a room in your house

Feeling the need for a clean sweep while you're stuck at home? You're not alone. Now is the perfect time to clean out that sock drawer, reorganize your kitchen, and get rid of things you don’t need. You may even decide to donate or sell items you no longer want!

4. Try a new recipe

With more time at home, you can finally try out those recipes you’ve been wanting to make. Try a new dinner recipe or scour Pinterest for the perfect weekend dessert.

5. Read a book or join a book club

Start a new book, order one online, or download an ebook to read on any device. You may even consider joining a virtual book club or starting one with a group of friends. This will make reading fun and engaging.

We may not be able to help organize your home, but we’re thinking about you. Stay safe and active.