5 Simple Steps To A Proper Fitting Bike Helmet

April 30, 2014

After a long winter, it's finally time to dust off the old bicycle!

It's no secret that bike helmets reduce the risk of head injuries. If you are like me, my helmet can be a challenge; too wobbly, too tight on my chin, the list goes on. Besides proper fit, it's best to have a helmet that is safety certified. All bike helmets should have a label stating they are Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) certified.

There are 5 simple steps to a proper fitting bike helmet. This short video explains.

Step 1- Sizing

Make sure the sizing pads are adjusted for a comfortable fit. The helmet should not rock from side to side.

Step 2- Position

The helmet should sit level on your head and low on your forehead. No more than two finger widths above the eyebrow.

Step 3 - Buckle

Adjust the lengths of the straps so the buckle is centered under the chin.

Step 4 - Side Straps

Adjust the slider on both straps so the V shape fits under and slightly in front of your ears and lock the slider if possible.

Step 5 - Chin Straps

Buckle the chin strap and tighten it until snug. No more than 2 fingers should fit under the strap.

After all of these steps, make sure the helmet does not rock back & forth.

A helmet can only protect your head if you wear it every time you bike. Bicycle law or no law, you should always wear a helmet when biking.