5 Ways To Protect Your Home During A Storm

April 09, 2016

For some unlucky individuals, the damage from storms is unavoidable. However, for others, preventative steps could have been taken. Check out these 5 ways to prepare for the potential consequences of the next storm that comes your way.

1. Put away outdoor items

Not only can high winds from a storm pick up loose outdoor items and send them flying into your or your neighbor’s home, they can also disappear. Be sure all items such as lawn furniture, sporting equipment, and any other outdoor items are stored away when you know a storm is coming.

2. Trim trees

Storms are notorious for snapping off branches, and if that’s not all, they will fall right on your home, vehicle, your neighbor’s home, or even a power line. It’s extremely important to examine trees before a storm to prevent this serious damage and mess from happening. If a branch has a loose connection with the tree, it’s probably best to just saw it off.

3. Install storm shutters

Sometimes just the heavy rains and turbulent winds of a storm are enough to damage your windows. Installing storm shutters can help prevent your windows from shattering and from harsh debris.

4. Be sure to have standby power

One of the worst things about being caught in a storm is having no electricity. By getting a home generator, you will at least be able to keep the lights on during a post-storm power outage.

5. Flood-proof your home

Heavy rain that leads to flooding can often wreak havoc on homes. One preventative option is dry flood-proofing your home. This is done by making the foundation watertight with concrete. A second option is to use wet flood-proofing. This option consists of modifying areas under your house to allow flood waters to enter and exit.

Be sure to take these preventative measures next time you know a storm is coming; also, it’s important to ensure your insurance is providing the coverage you need. Call Knapp Tedesco Insurance today at 515-232-7060 or visit us online at www.knapptedesco.com for a free quote.