Are You Throwing Your Money Away On Your Work Comp Premiums? Part 1

July 01, 2015

We specialize in workers’ compensation insurance and are accredited by the Institute for Work Comp Professionals. Our Certified Work Comp Advisors are trained and educated in work comp and can identify common errors, implement processes and ultimately save businesses money. Below is a recent example where our Certified Work Comp Advisors helped save money.

Contractor #1:

Construction and Residential Roofing Contractor

The problem:

When our Certified Work Comp Advisor (CWCA) assessed the work comp with the client it was discovered that the client was at his lowest minimum mod of .88 – he had not had any claims for over 3 years. Upon further review our CWCA realized this client was in the Iowa Assigned Risk work comp pool with Travelers. The assigned risk pool is used for businesses with unsatisfactory loss performance or that perform extremely high risk functions.

The Work Comp Solution:

Our CWCS assisted the client by placing the work comp with a standard insurance carrier. This will lower his roofing class code price from $30.42 to $23.40. There will also be a reduction on his carpentry class code of $5.00 per $100 of payroll resulting in an annual savings of approximately $8,000!

Work Comp can be complicated and employers need to work with an agent that fully understands it and stays on top of your work comp program. Work comp is too often looked at as a policy instead of a program. You need a program! An effective work comp program includes Claims Management, Return-to-Work, Injury Prevention and Safety.

As an independent insurance agency we work for you. Knapp Tedesco helps businesses implement some simple strategies that will allow you to control your experience mod. We have been proudly serving Ames area businesses since 1926. Please give us a call today to discuss your work comp program.