Back to School: Insurance Review

August 03, 2016

With fall approaching, so do many changes associated with returning back to school. Whether you have a new teen driver or you are sending a son or daughter to college, fall is filled with transitions for everyone in the family. With all of the things on your “To Do” list, let Knapp Tedesco take care of your back to school insurance review.

Home Insurance

One common question that arises when a teen goes off to college is, “Will my homeowner’s insurance still cover my son/daughter’s belongings when they leave?” If your college student is living on-campus, your homeowner’s policy will more than likely cover their belongings. If they are living off-campus, they will probably need renter's insurance. Renter’s insurance can be extremely affordable. Check out our website for a free quote.

Auto Insurance

If you have a teen turning 16 this year, adding them to your auto policy can be quite expensive. However, there are certainly ways to help! If your teen maintains a B average or higher, they can qualify for a “good student” discount. Also, if students take driver’s education or drive safer cars, there are also “safe driver” discounts.

Another important topic concerning auto insurance and back to school is college students who take cars with them to school. It’s important to make certain that they will be covered in the state they attend college and that they are fully covered.

To discuss your auto, homeowner's, or renter's insurance, contact us today at or by calling us at 515-232-7060. We hope that your transition back to school is a great one!