Becoming a Leader in the Workplace

October 07, 2015

You want to be a leader at work, but you don’t carry a title. What can you do to still position yourself as a leader at work? There are many ways you can become an emerging leader at the office, but there are 7 ways that seem to stick out the most in developing leaders.

1. Leaders take responsibility. This includes anything with your fingerprint on it. If you participated in a project, take responsibility for it, including anything good or bad.

2. A rising tide lifts all boats. Leaders believe in win-win. The power of positive influence on the people around you and the power to inspire people to greater heights are in front of you.

3. Push the envelope. Leaders are all about taking risks. Try something new. Feel uncomfortable. What do you have to lose? Don’t be afraid to take on that project no one wants!

4. Leaders take action. So many people in this world are known to talk more than actually do. If you want to be a leader at work, act upon something.

5. See opportunities everywhere. Yes; creating opportunities is a great attribute in leaders, but what about the opportunities already out there? Again, take on that project nobody wants. The opportunities to lead are everywhere.

6. Be open to feedback. Criticism is a key component to bettering ourselves. The people who critique you are seeing and pointing out things you may not have noticed. If you aren’t receiving feedback from others, you aren’t improving.

7. Give it all you’ve got. This is perhaps the most important of all 7 ways in becoming an emerging leader in the workplace. Give all of your ideas, thoughts and plans. Feel vulnerable and learn to like it!

That wraps up the 7 ways to becoming an emerging leader in the workplace. If you have any other tips for leadership in the workplace; comment below. We would love to hear your successes and stories. If you are in need of insurance, call Knapp Tedesco Insurance at 515-232-7060 or visit us online at today.