Best and Easiest Tailgate Food: Bacon Wrapped Chili Cheese Dogs

August 28, 2015

It’s that time of year again. Tailgate time! Even if you aren’t into football, you probably still tailgate to spend time with friends and family…and of course eat all of the delicious food! (I must admit that I’m guilty of this.) However, I never know what to bring to a tailgate! Everyone loves pickle wraps, chips and salsa, cookies, etc., but more than likely someone else is already bringing those. Lucky for you, I’ve found a terrific tailgate recipe that is super simple, nobody else will have it, and will knock your socks off with deliciousness! Ever had a bacon wrapped chili cheese dog at a tailgate? Didn’t think so. Now do yourself and the rest of your fellow tailgaters a favor and skip your same old dish and bring these bacon wrapped chili cheese dogs to your next tailgate! You can thank me later.

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