Do You Have a Return to Work Program?

April 16, 2015

At Knapp Tedesco Insurance, we specialize in workers’ compensation insurance and are accredited by the Institute for WorkComp Professionals. Our training and education is specific to the workers’ compensation industry and allows us to identify the errors that commonly occur and implement processes to keep your business from losing money. Workers involved in a return to work program return 38% sooner compared to workers with nonparticipating employers.

Did You Know?

8 is the median number of days away from work for a work-related injury or illness in the private sector.

3 weeks off = 75% chance of returning to work

6 weeks off = 50% chance of returning to work

52 weeks off = 1% chance of returning to work

40% of injuries and illnesses requiring days away from work can be attributed to just three causes:

  • Overexertion in Lifting or Lowering
  • Falls on the Same Level
  • Struck by Object or Equipment

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