Does Santa Claus Have Insurance?

December 07, 2016

Does Santa Claus have insurance? Not the mall Santa, or any other Santa impostor, I’m talking about the real Santa Claus…

Actually, he does. Lloyd's of London, who has a reputation for insuring some off-the-wall things, was the first to issue Santa Claus an insurance policy. According to Lloyd's, “The personal accident policy covers Mr. Claus until the 25th of December in the event of accident and illness, in the run up to, and during his worldwide travel to deliver presents to good children.”

So, if there are any non-believers out there, perhaps you have been convinced. Santa is not the only one in need of insurance this holiday season, though. Contact Knapp Tedesco Insurance today at 515-232-7060, or visit us online at to be sure that you’re covered during the busy holiday season!

Happy Holidays from Knapp Tedesco Insurance!