Don’t Veer for Deer

June 19, 2020

It is that time of the year again. Deer are on the move. Unfortunately, with all this movement, car accidents are more likely to occur. With as many as 500,000 deer across the state of Iowa, odds are you’ll see one while driving this time of year.

If you see a deer while driving, there are a few things you can do to keep safe.

What You Can Do

First and foremost, be on the lookout for deer while driving. If you’re passing through an area that could have deer, especially at night, check ditches and the sides of the roads. You can often see the reflection from their eyes on the side of the roads if they are present.

Next, if you do see a deer, slow down because odds are there are more nearby. Deer often travel in herds, so if there is one, there is likely more around. If you see one crossing the road, slow down because other deer may be following close behind.

Finally, if a collision is unavoidable DO NOT VEER. Keep your steering wheel straight and stay in your lane. To stay the most safe in a deer-related accident is to simply hit the deer. By not veering, you’ll remain in your lane allowing you to avoid driving into a ditch, but more importantly, crossing the median and heading into opposing traffic.

It’s Okay to Hit a Deer

If you do hit a deer this season, it's okay. It’s important to remain calm, make sure to call the police and file an insurance claim. With the right insurance, you’ll be covered and have no worries.

Call Knapp Tedesco to make sure you have the right insurance coverage and…stay safe.