Engagement Rings Require Special Insurance Coverage

February 01, 2017

It’s that time of year, Valentine’s Day. More people than ever will be popping the question to their love this year. But did you know that your current coverage typically isn’t enough to cover that gorgeous ring? If you are one of these special someone’s this Valentine’s Day, follow these four steps, after saying “yes” of course!

1. Contact your insurance agent immediately. Most homeowner’s policies include coverage for personal items like jewelry, but typically won’t have a limit high enough to cover your new bling! Call your agent to check!

2. Keep the receipt! Not to return the ring, of course! However, forwarding a copy of the receipt to your agent will make sure they have the correct value for your ring.

3. Appraise your heirloom piece. Be sure to ask your insurer to recommend a reputable appraiser for this.

4. Add the item to your home inventory. It’s so important to keep your home inventory up to date. Not only does it help you purchase the correct amount of insurance, but it also speeds up the claims process.

Congratulations if your love popped the question this Valentine’s Day! Remember to follow these four steps and contact Knapp Tedesco Insurance at 515-232-7060 or at www.knapptedesco.com after saying “Yes!”