Four Ways to Quickly Connect with Your Knapp Tedesco Team

July 29, 2020

The Knapp Tedesco team has been your local insurance partner since 1926. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about the needs of our customers. So, as we’ve built our business, we’ve kept customer service and relationships as the hallmark of our company.

We know you have a lot of priorities, and your time is valuable. That’s why the Knapp Tedesco team is structured as a team-based support environment. That means when you need information, anyone on our team can help get you those answers. This isn’t a new process, but we don’t always talk about it. And, we sometimes take for granted that our customers know this about our team.

We are all navigating a lot of uncertainty in our lives, and we want you to know the Knapp Tedesco team is here for you. If you need to review your existing policies or have questions about how to protect your assets better, reach out to one—or any—of our team members. Here’s how:

In-person – The Knapp Tedesco offices are open for business. If you’d like to meet in person, we are happy to do so while observing social distancing guidelines or using a face covering. We’ve adjusted our offices to keep everyone safe. Stop on in to see us!

Virtual Meeting – Everyone is navigating the current environment differently. Knapp Tedesco understands the need to keep you and your family safe. Our team loves to use technology to connect with clients! If you’d prefer to meet with us using video conference technology, simply email

Email – We’ve found email to be a great way to connect. Never hesitate to hit us up when you have time, and we’ll get right back to you. Whether it’s a quick question or copies of a policy, Knapp Tedesco uses industry best encryption, so your information stays safe.

Phone – When life happens sometimes, you just want to pick up the phone. We work hard to make sure a staff member is available when you call. Give us a ring at 515-232-7060.