Knapp Tedesco’s High Value Home Policy: Automatic Identity Theft Protection

September 23, 2015

Anyone who has ever been a victim of identity theft understands just how frightening and life changing it can be. Unfortunately, now it can happen much easier and faster than ever. With today’s use of technology, we are continually being more and more exposed to the threat identity theft, and it’s more important now than ever to be protected. Unfortunately, most people aren’t. Their insurance policies are leaving out protection that is absolutely necessary. With Knapp Tedesco’s High Value Home policy, identity theft protection is automatically included.

The identity theft protection offered by our High Value Home policy offers some outstanding benefits. You have complete access to a fraud specialist who can answer any questions you may have about potential risks of identity theft. This includes a change of marital status, taking a vacation, losing your wallet, purse or personal records and more. If you or a member of your household become, or suspect you may become, a victim of identity theft, you have immediate access to a qualified personal advocate to assist you with any paperwork, phone calls and other tasks required to address your situation immediately.

Your policy also pays up to $25,000 for expenses such as:

  • Costs for notarized fraud affidavits, certified mail and long distance telephone calls to law enforcement and credit agencies
  • Loan application fees when required to reapply for a loan denial due to identity theft
  • Reasonable fees for attorneys hired to defend lawsuits, to remove wrongly entered criminal or civil judgements, or to challenge the accuracy or completeness of information in your consumer credit report
  • Lost wages at $250 per day, and up to $10,000 when you take off work to meet with law enforcement agencies, legal counsel or similar related activities

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the number of identity theft incidents has grown to almost 10 million a year, with about 19 people falling victim every minute. Don’t wait to protect yourself from something that can happen at any time. Call Knapp Tedesco Insurance at 515-232-7060 or visit us online at today.