Knapp Tedesco’s High Value Home Policy: Exceptional Home Inventory Coverage & Options

September 30, 2015

Knapp Tedesco’s High Value Home policy provides exceptional service, protection and options to best suit you. With this policy, you’ll receive special coverage for your home, contents, other on premise structures as well as additional living expenses necessary after a covered loss. This is the broadest form of coverage available, meaning your home is insured for all risks of direct loss except those that are specifically excluded.

Along with the outstanding coverage provided by our High Value Home policy, your home will also be professionally surveyed, so you can be confident that you have a sufficient amount of insurance to repair or rebuild your home, along with all of its customized features and special touches. Specially trained surveyors identify construction materials, techniques, design, layout and the quality workmanship associated with your high-value home. You will receive a personalized report that includes photographs, diagrams and calculations that detail the costs and expenses to reconstruct your home at today’s cost of wages and materials in your community. Your report also includes a survey of other structures, such as gazebos, garages, pool houses and fences.

In the event that a covered loss destroys your contents, you have options. You will receive payment for the full cost to repair or replace your contents with no deduction for depreciation, up to the amount of insurance on your policy. This allows you to receive payment on a replacement cost basis before you purchase replacement items, known as our unique cash-out option.

Some additional features that also make Knapp Tedesco’s High Value Home policy worth pursuing include:

Receiving up to the policy amount for loss caused by water damage due to:

  • Hydrostatic pressure, water that enters through or exerts pressure  on your home’s foundation
  • Water that overflows from a sump, sump pump, or similar equipment
  • Water from backup of sewers or drains

Business property coverage up to $25,000 while at or away from your home

No deductible for losses of $50,000 or over, with exception to few exclusions

You’ve invested a great deal into your home; invest in a policy that will protect it. Knapp Tedesco’s High Value Home policy does not fall into the same category as traditional homeowners’ policies. It provides unique and sufficient coverage specifically tailored to your high value home. Call Knapp Tedesco Insurance at 515-232-7060 or visit us online at today.