Knapp Tedesco’s High Value Home Policy: Personal Liability and More

August 26, 2015

Do you know what your insurance covers you for when it comes to liability? It may not be as much as you think, which definitely isn’t a pleasant thought. Knapp Tedesco’s High Value Home Policy includes a great deal of liability coverages that a typical homeowner’s policy doesn’t even compare to.

The Difference

Medical payments on our policy are up to 25 times greater, and credit and bank card coverages are up to 20 times greater. Not to mention, the standard homeowner’s policy doesn’t even include a majority of the coverages that our policy includes. These additional coverages are; personal injury (libel and slander), identity fraud, incidental business at home, and incidental farming. But wait! Not only do most homeowners’ policies not include a great deal of the coverages that we provide, but some coverages aren’t even available for endorsement with their policies! These include kidnap expense and employment practices liability coverages (EPLC).

Additional Benefits with Knapp Tedesco’s High Value Home Policy

On top of all that, there is so much more that our High Value Home Policy includes, like up to $50,000 for covered property and liability losses assessed to you by a corporation or association of property owners, including your neighborhood associations. We also provide a claims expense of up to $500 per day for loss of earnings to help defend a liability claim. You simply can’t find any other policy like ours. For more information about Knapp Tedesco’s High Value Home Policy, please visit us online at or call us at 515-232-7060 today!