Life Insurance Month

September 18, 2015

“If I die, why do I need money?” This is a question that so many people have when it comes to the topic of life insurance. Our answer is this, you don’t. However, your family, your business or your favorite charity might. Life insurance is about having protection for your loved ones when the unexpected happens.

Why is Life Insurance so Important?

For something as important as life insurance, many people don’t have it! People have home, auto and even cell phone insurance, but don’t invest in something as important as life insurance. This is simply unbelievable when 7 in 10 families with kids under 18 would have trouble paying their bills if their primary wage-earner died. With a statistic like that, what is keeping families from purchasing this crucial form of insurance?

The Cost of Life Insurance

“I can’t afford it” Is the most common excuse people have for not purchasing a life insurance policy. However, people with no life insurance actually overestimate its cost by three times! Think about how much you spend on your daily coffee or mid-day treat, 4 or 5 bucks? How much do you think an average life insurance policy would cost you a day? It would be around $1. Now put the two in perspective of each other. Would you rather have the latte for $4 a day, or financial protection for your loved ones for $1 a day? I think the choice is clear!

The Cost of No Life Insurance

Now that you are aware of how affordable life insurance actually is, think of the cost of no life insurance. Would your family be able to live comfortably and without worry without you? If the answer is no, you need life insurance. Protect what is truly most important in your life. Life insurance is the security your family needs.

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