Life Insurance - You think you don't need it?

April 16, 2014

I heard an interesting fact a while back. We all insure our homes for claims that might happen. Very few of us insure our lives for something that will happen!I heard an interesting fact a while back.

Life Insurance - Costs Too much?

Let's make this easy for you. Here are some sample quotes. This should give you an idea of the cost of Life Insurance. As little as 29 cents a day!

Age 30: $112/year
Age 40: $129/year
Age 50: $221/year

Age 30: $107/year
Age 40: $120/year
Age 50: $180/year

Quotes are based on the insured being a non-tobacco user in good health. All quotes are for 10 year term policies with a benefit of $100,000.

Life Insurance - Protection And Peace Of Mind

If others depend on you for financial support, part of your financial plan should include how you will provide for them in the event of your death. Purchasing a Life Insurance policy is a safety net that ensures your loved one's future financial obligations are met, covering items such as funeral costs, outstanding debt, estate taxes and everyday living expenses.

If you are married, it's important for both spouses to have a policy. If both people bring in income, a death can be a difficult financial loss. Also, if a stay-at-home parent should pass away, expenses such as childcare and other domestic items can create financial hardship, too.

There are two basic types of Life Insurance: Term Life and Permanent Life. The type that best suits you will depend on your unique needs. Both types offer protection and peace of mind. Call us today at 515-232-7060 to learn more.

Don't Be Fooled

Even if you have Life Insurance through your employer, you may be underinsured. If you'd like the security of knowing that you have enough coverage in place, we can work with you to ensure that there aren't any gaps in your current coverage.

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