Love Your Valentine’s Day Gift? - Insure it!

February 14, 2016

Every year around Valentine’s Day, jewelry sales increase by a substantial amount. In fact, jewelry sales are expected to grow by at least 5% until 2025. This actually seems quite reasonable, knowing that one in four Americans buys an average of $2,000 worth of jewelry per year.

Precious items

However, we all know jewelry isn’t the only gift given on Valentine’s Day. People also receive other precious items such as furs, wines, artwork, and electronics. What’s important is that many people don’t realize that these gifts are not always covered under their insurance policy.

Most homeowners insurance policies have limits

Whatever the gift, it’s important to insure it! Most individuals think their homeowners insurance will cover all of their valuables, but it’s important to note that these policies usually have limits. Along with that, most homeowners insurance policies cover only specific “named perils,” losses caused from fire, lightening, windstorm etc., and exclude other types of loss.


Protect your valuables with Knapp Tedesco

It’s important to understand what your homeowners insurance policy does and doesn’t cover when it comes to your valuables. Most often times, jewelry and other precious items should be scheduled. If you would like to find out if your Valentine’s Day gift is covered, please call one of our knowledgeable agents today at 515-232-7060, or visit us online at for an insurance quote.