Motivation: What does it take?

June 10, 2015

So many people find it difficult to be motivated every day. Why? Well, there are a number of factors that can cause lack of motivation, but that’s not my point of focus here. However, what I do want to focus on is what increases motivation! People need motivation for everything in their lives, whether it’s for work, school, family, or their own personal goals. Here are a few tips to stay motivated, and live a happier life!

Characteristics of motivated people

Motivated people all tend to have similar characteristics, believe it or not. They tend to be challenged driven, dive into life, and overall, be very balanced. How do these qualities make them more motivated than the average person? First off, they turn the setbacks life throws at them into challenges, and then, hopefully into comebacks. They understand and except that setbacks are just a part of life, and try to turn them into opportunities. They also dive into life by joining organizations, clubs, or other groups allowing them to meet people. This makes them to feel connected, and therefore, happier. Last, by being balanced, they are caring for all aspects of their life, not just focusing solely on one. Home, friends, family, health, spirituality, and even fun are all what our dreams and goals are built on after all.

Becoming a motivated person

Although the above characteristics are proven traits of highly motivated people, it takes more than simply “being more involved” to become motivated. It is important to realize what your purpose or goal is, whether it to earn a promotion, lose weight, or perhaps to take better care of your family. Whatever it is, keep it constantly in sight. Place a photo of your family on your desk if they are your purpose. If it’s your health, keep a chart of your improvements, as well as your setbacks every week. You can find all sorts of ways to keep your goal or purpose in sight. However, the last, and perhaps the most important point to remember about motivation is realizing that you have the ability to try your best each and every day; and it’s up to you if you decide to do so or not.