Oh, Hail No

June 26, 2020

Hail season is upon us and has already begun to leave its mark in 2020 with storms rolling across the Midwest over the past several weeks.

There are about 5,600 hailstorms in the United States every year, resulting in billions of dollars of damage.

Depending on the severity of the storm and the hail’s size, density, speed, and direction, it can be a minor event with little-to-no damage up to a major event resulting in significant damage.

The first concern when preparing for a possible hailstorm is life safety. After that, thoughts can turn to protecting physical property. Much of the preparation for hail events resides in roofing systems, maintenance, and upkeep. With that in mind, consider taking action to protect lives and reduce property damage.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind during this time:

  • Stay indoors and make sure all window covers are intact in case of window breakage.
  • Do not inspect property damage until the storm has passed.
  • Check HVAC equipment. Hail often damages condensing coils by denting the exchange fins.

Call Knapp Tedesco if you have any questions whatsoever about possible damage

In terms of roof susceptibility and maintenance, the type and age of the roofing system, as well as its exposure to elements, play a role in how it performs against hail.

Roof-specific information that may reduce damage:

  • Built up roofs with denser substrates and multiple base sheets perform better than those using lighter substrates or organic felts.
  • Coarse aggregate surfacing, such as ballast or gravel materials, increases the hail resistance of a roof.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance of roofing systems will increase the life and resistance to hail and wind events.

We certainly do not like to see hailstorms any more than you do. Stay safe during this season and let us know if you have questions regarding your roof.