Pothole Season and Tire Trouble

April 03, 2014

On the evening of September 22nd a storm tracked across the Ames area causing flash flooding across the city. As a result, many Ames residents and businesses experienced water in their basement damaging floors, walls and the contents of their homes and businesses.

After our long, cold winter, we are finally seeing signs of a new spring season emerging here in Iowa. Many times along with the spring season comes pothole season. Potholes form when cracks in the road surfaces fill with snow and rain. When the rain and snow freeze and expand it pushes the dirt and gravel out leaving a hole. Drivers continue to drive over these unseen holes adding stress to the situation and overtime the pothole worsens. Just this week I've driven by several sizable chunks of concrete on the road that had erupted out of a pothole.

Potholes can cause significant damage to a car's suspension system and to your tires too. If you were to experience a flat tire could you change it? Personally, the last time I was instructed on how to change a tire was when I was in drivers' ed class years ago. In today's world, most of us would call for help. However, knowing how to change a tire isn't a bad thing to know. If you are like me, taking 5 minutes for a refresher course would be a good idea.

Stay safe if you find yourself with tire trouble alongside the road. And if you can, steer clear of the potholes!