Renting out your Home for Vacation Use

June 01, 2016

Renting out your home in the summer for vacation use is quite popular, not to mention, can be a real money saver for everyone involved. But, do you know what your insurance covers when it comes to renting out your home?

The answer isn’t always clear. It depends on the length and frequency of the stays. For example, some insurers may allow a short-term rental, a week or a few weekends, of your primary home to be covered under your homeowner’s policy. However, other insurance companies may require you to have addition coverage or a renter’s insurance policy. For longer rentals, you’ll need a landlord or rental-dwelling policy.

If you are renting your home out regularly, whether it is short term or long term, you’ll need to purchase a business policy because it won’t be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. The business policy appropriate would be one for either a bed-and-breakfast or hotel.

If you are renting someone else’s home for a summer vacation, be sure to check with your agent if your homeowner’s policy covers damage or theft there. Visit us online at or give us a call at 515-232-7060 to discuss the coverage on your current homeowner’s policy.