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June 17, 2015

Your experience mod is the single largest factor that influences your work comp premium. Most employers shop their work comp insurance when their premiums increase looking for the lowest price but that is not how to control your work comp costs. Your experience mod is what determines your rates and knowing and controlling the factors that make up your experience mod is the key to controlling your work comp premium.

When is the last time your work comp agent sat down with you and explained your experience mod? Unfortunately the answer we hear often to that question is “never”. At Knapp Tedesco Insurance, we understand work comp. We provide solutions to lower your mod and lower your costs. If you are interested in a FREE mod analysis, give us a call today.

When we analyze your mod we will:

  • Explain how your experience mod is calculated
  • Determine your minimum mod and give recommendations on how to obtain it
  • Determine your minimum premium and outline a program to work towards it
  • Tell you how your numbers stack up to the average in your industry
  • Explain the most important date you need to know about work comp program
  • Look at your specific claims and their effect on your mod
  • Tell you exactly how much each claim is costing you

Your Work Comp should not just be a policy, it should be a program. We specialize in worker’s compensation and can help you develop a program and save money. Give us a call at 515-232-7060 and one of our Certified Work Comp Advisors will be happy to work with you on your FREE mod analysis.