Spring into Action: The Importance of Moving at Work

April 13, 2016

Is this your organization?

Approximately 80 percent of medical expenses are incurred from only 15 percent of employees, according to a recent study by WELCOA (The Wellness Council of America). These same employees also account for 70 percent of lost productivity in the form of poor quality work, workers’ comp costs, sick days, and other inefficiencies. With that being said, unhealthy employees tend to become even unhealthier over time. Simply stated, healthier employees are more productive and save you more money.

Is sitting the new smoking?

Researchers think so. Your body starts to shut down at the metabolic level whenever you sit or stand for an extended period of time, and key fat-burning enzymes start to switch off. Sitting for a full day causes those fat-burners to plummet by 50 percent! Other effects of moving less include developing the risk of:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Depression

What’s the solution?

“Get up and move.” Encouraging employees to do this throughout the day is one step closer towards better health. Researchers say that regardless of how much exercise participants did, those who moved throughout the day had slimmer waists, lower body mass indexes, healthier blood fat and healthier blood sugars than those who sat most of the day. Regular movement throughout the day is a necessity to living a healthy life.

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