The Pool…..The Boat…..The Risks

June 15, 2016

Who can resist spending a hot summer day at the pool or on the boat? The cool water can be very inviting, but with these fun summer activities there comes a great responsibility and sometimes a great risk. Here are some tips to keep your summer safe and accident-free.

Pool Safety Tips

Make Personal Safety a Priority – Never assume everyone knows how to swim, including adults. Have inexperienced swimmers wear a life jacket and appoint a designated “watcher” to monitor all swimmers.

Establish & Enforce Rules – There are always rules at the pool such as; No diving, Walk, don’t run and Swim with a buddy. Obey the rules!

Secure the Pool – If you own a pool, always fence completely around a pool. Place a safety cover over the pool when not in use. Consider installing a pool alarm that sounds whenever anyone is near the pool area.

Know How to Respond to an Emergency - Learn first aid and how to perform CPR and update these skills regularly.

Boat Safety Tips

Make Proper Use of Life Jackets – Proper boat safety includes not only knowing how to swim but proper use of life jackets. Fit each person onboard with a life jacket and wear it!

Avoid Alcohol - Save the alcohol for later. The likelihood of a boating accident doubles when alcohol is involved.

Be Weather-Wise – Always check the local weather before departure. If dark clouds roll in or if the temperature suddenly drops, get off the water.

Know How to Operate the Boat – Boat with an experience skipper that knows all aspects of how to handle the boat. Also, be respectful of the buoys and laws that govern safe speeds and safe distance requirements.

No matter how much experience you have, it’s always a good idea for everyone to review these safety rules before hitting the water. As insurance agents, we are constantly evaluating and identifying risk to avoid or minimize the impact on individuals and businesses. We aim to educate to keep you safe. Have a safe summer!