Tips for Frying a Turkey

November 14, 2014

Deep-fried turkey has risen in popularity in recent years and is often the method of cooking used this time of year. It’s no secret that deep frying a turkey can be very dangerous. It pays to do your homework beforehand and a few simple precautions can prevent an accident from occurring. Here are some quick helpful tips.

What Size Turkey – Smaller turkeys work best for frying. 12-14 pounds is the largest size bird that should be used in order to be successful.

Amount of Oil – Most turkey fryers have a fill line. Do not fill with oil beyond that line.

Prep the Turkey – The turkey should be completely thawed and dry

Test for Doneness – The breast should test at 165-170 degrees and the thigh at 175-185 degrees.

Properly cool the oil – Before disposing or storing the oil be sure it has properly cooled down after usage.

Additional Safety Tips:

  • Wear long sleeves, long pants and close-toe shoes whenever you are using a fryer
  • Gloves that protect your hands are essential
  • Always use a turkey fryer outside
  • Never use a turkey fryer under the overhang of a home or garage
  • Set your fryer away from large bushes and grasses
  • Always keep kids and pets away

Here is a short but informative video with some additional safety ideas that you might find helpful.