Tips for Keeping your Goals

January 04, 2017

It’s officially 2017. It’s a new year and many of us have set goals to better ourselves and to make positive changes in our lives. Not to start the year off on a negative note, but most people only keep their goals the first two to three weeks of January and then go back to their old ways. Whether your goals are to grow yourself personally or professionally, here are some great tips to help you keep your goals throughout the new year.

Create an action plan

Now that you have your goals, create an action plan to achieve them. What are your short and long-term goals? The more specific your plan is for each day, week, month, the better you will be able to reach your goals.


Trying to do everything at once can be a set up for failure. Prioritize your list of resolutions to a few that you want to focus on immediately. Starting small is the most realistic and easiest way to stay motivated!

Set deadlines

The key to this is to be realistic but also challenging. Not having deadlines leads to avoidance and procrastination, but more importantly, unmet goals.

Stay positive!

Negativity and self-doubt will shut down your goals faster than anything else! Keep in mind that you can do this.

Reward your progress

Did you meet your 5lb weight loss goal? Treat yourself to a movie! It’s important to celebrate your small progresses too!

Stay flexible

Life changes, and the unexpected happens! Make sure your goals are able to be adjusted to all of the surprises that life throws at us. This is no reason to quit, but there may be times when goals need to be adjusted.

Set up your support team

This doesn’t include any naysayers. Be around people who motive you and your goals. Go to them when meeting your goals gets tough!

Congratulations on taking the first step to bettering yourself this new year. By keeping these tips in mind, you will be able to make some great changes in 2017!