What you NEED in your Glove Compartment

January 27, 2016

What we keep in our vehicle can vary so much compared to someone else, especially what we keep in our glove compartment. Some fill it with napkins, receipts, and hair ties, while others keep simply their title and registration (a thief’s goldmine by the way!). So, what should you actually keep in your vehicle’s glove compartment?

Critical medical information Write down any medical conditions, allergies, or medications for you and each one of your family members in case of an accident. You never know if you may not be able to communicate these important facts to someone.

Emergency contact numbers It’s important to keep these in your phone and wallet, but why not go ahead and put them in your glove compartment while you’re at it?

Pen and paper Keeping these items will come in handy in case you need to exchange information with someone in case of an accident. Not to mention, it’s simply just convenient to have with you.

Proof of insurance This is the law mostly everywhere in the United States. (Don’t store the title or registration in your glove compartment, though.)

Owner’s manual and maintenance schedule Because it’s nice to know what’s going on with your vehicle when it starts flashing a weird symbol at you!

Keeping these items in your glove compartment is important for a number of reasons! If there’s any room left, some convenient items to also keep with you are: a flashlight, napkins, tissues, hand sanitizer, high-energy snacks, plastic grocery bags, and a lint roller! Call Knapp Tedesco Insurance today at 515-232-7060 or visit us online at www.knapptedesco.com to receive a free auto insurance quote!