When Your Employee Benefits Aren’t Enough

August 26, 2020

Statistics show 4 in 10 husbands and wives have only group life insurance through their employer, but did you know that your group insurance coverage ends when your job does? At Knapp Tedesco, our job is to help you manage risk in the event of loss. Adding an individual insurance plan could help you navigate a life or job transition. Now is the perfect time to consider individual coverage.

Here are a few examples of individual insurance plans we offer:

1. Dental Insurance for Adults

2. Individual Life Insurance

3. Vision Insurance Plans

4. Disability Insurance

5. Travel Insurance for Healthcare Coverage when you are outside your health insurance network

6. Long-term Care Insurance

7. Short-term Health Insurance Coverage

8. Medicare Supplemental Plans

Any of these individual plans can be used as a n added layer of protection to cover what your Employee Benefit package does not. While a basic health insurance policy is included in a group insurance plan through your employer, it can be rather broad and general. Our experts will guide you in choosing a individual insurance plan that can be instrumental to you or your family’s healthcare coverage. Our focus is to give your family more security and peace of mind by providing extra coverage in specific areas that matter most to you.

These individual plans can be used as an added layer of protection to cover what your group employee benefits might lack. Our expert team members at Knapp Tedesco will guide you to make the right plan. We’ll ensure you’re protected now and anywhere life takes you.

Call the team at Knapp Tedesco Insurance today to learn more about additional individual coverage.