Why an Umbrella Policy is a Must-Have

April 09, 2014

In the event that someone is injured on your property and you are found legally responsible, you could be faced with a costly financial burden. In fact, without a personal Umbrella Insurance policy, any expenses beyond the limits of your standard policy are your responsibility. This applies to your Homeowners, Renters, Automobile and Watercraft Insurance policies. Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance provides an extra layer of protection over your personal assets for when your standard liability coverage is exhausted.

Why Is A Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance Policy Important?

  • When litigation ensues, it's typically for a large amount. If you get into a car accident and injure several people, you could be sued for millions of dollars; well beyond the limits of your Auto policy. You can also be held responsible if your dog bites someone, your child injures another kid in a fight at school or a handyman harms himself at your home.
  • Coverage is inexpensive and easy to obtain.
  • You'll have peace of mind knowing that you are covered in case of a fluke accident.

Business Owners, This Is For You

Excess Liability Insurance (ELI), more commonly known as Umbrella Insurance, is one of the most important types of insurance your company can buy. It protects your business from holes or limits in existing policy coverage as well as from financially draining lawsuits. Businesses choose ELI essentially to back up the limits contained in their underlying liability policies (commercial general liability, business auto, employer liability, workers' compensation and professional liability.) For the most part, it is used to cover exceptionally large events or losses with low probabilities of occurrence. Without ELI, these events - as few and far between as they may be - would be financially devastating to many companies.

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