You Asked! Self-Driving Cars and Drones

December 09, 2015

You asked our agency what all the buzz was about with self-driving cars and drones. Well, we listened!

So, here's our two cents about the topics...

What will self-driving cars mean for my car insurance?

Self-driving cars are definitely on the way but it will be years before we are all being transported by fully automated vehicles. The insurance aspects of this gradual transformation are currently unclear. We expect to see a shift from the driver being liable due to their driving behavior to a higher percentage of product liability claims as the fault may lie with the manufacturer of the vehicle. It is likely insurance companies will need to rely on the “black boxes” to determine the cause of accidents. Some aspects of insurance will no doubt be impacted as autonomous cars become the norm. However, losses not caused by crashes such a wind, flood and theft is less likely to change.

What’s all the buzz about drones?

Drones are popping up everywhere and are being used by businesses and personally in very creative ways. While drones are really cool, things can go wrong. Drones crash and hit people, automobiles and buildings. There can also be an element of invasion of privacy. Neither the standard business general liability policies nor homeowner policies will protect you while operating a drone. Drones are considered aircraft by the Federal Aviation Administration and they typically require aviation insurance. Insurance coverage for drones is new to the insurance industry but if you own or operate a drone, talk to one of our agents to protect yourself and learn about your options.

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