Iowa Auto Repair Shop Insurance

When you own an auto repair shop, you come to learn that damage to a customer's vehicle while in your care can be a common occurrence. In addition, employees are often injured in on-the-job accidents. One of the most important jobs of the shop owner is to obtain Auto Repair Shop Insurance coverage that best suits your needs. The cost of coverage is minimal to the cost of damages, medical expenses, legal fees and more that you could face without proper protection.

Knapp Tedesco Insurance can provide you with comprehensive Auto Shop Insurance for all of your coverage needs. Our teams of agents are dedicated and willing to work with you to prevent potential financial loss.

Increased Business Means Increased Risk

So many drivers these days are putting off the purchase of a new vehicle, meaning that auto repair shops are busier than ever. Even though the increase in work helps your bottom line, there is a disadvantage that you must take into account.

Being busy means that there is a greater risk of mistakes to be made, which can cost you a considerable amount of money. In order to protect your finances when disaster strikes, you need to have the right Auto Body Shop Insurance policy in place.

Getting To Know Your Business

Purchasing Auto Repair Shop Insurance does not necessarily mean that you have to give up a major portion of your profits. At Knapp Tedesco Insurance, we can provide you with the coverage that you need at a price that fits your budget. We will take an objective look at your business to analyze the job you do and the way you do it. Then, we use everything that we learn to determine the exact coverage that you need and help you choose a policy that is the most appropriate for you.

Auto Shop Coverage Options

Iowa Auto Shop Insurance protection packages from Knapp Tedesco Insurance are customized for business owners whose main goal is to get their customers back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. Coverage options that are designed to meet your specific needs may include:

  • Building and Personal Property Coverage - This coverage option will protect your business building as well as your personal property, such as computers and tools. Equipment breakdown coverage is also available.
  • Business Income and Additional Expense - With this coverage type, you will be covered for the actual business income that is lost when your operations are halted due by a covered incident. Your Iowa Auto Body Shop Insurance policy will also have coverage for any additional expenses that you incur because of such a loss.
  • Fidelity and Crime Coverage - Your business will not lose inventory, money or securities as a result of the acts of your employees or others. Activities like forgery, burglary, embezzlement, employee dishonesty and robbery are also covered.
  • Garage Liability Coverage - This is liability coverage for any accidents that occur because of operations in your garage resulting in personal injury, advertising injury, property damage or bodily injury.
  • Garagekeepers Coverage - This will provide you with coverage for physical damage to your customers' vehicles when they are under your care, control or custody. You may also be able to obtain coverage for damage to your customers' vehicles even if you are not legally liable.
  • Electronic Data Coverage - Although most transactions these days are electronic, a number of critical business documents are generated on a daily basis. The loss of such files could be damaging to your business. Therefore, you should consider coverage for your electronic data, accounts receivable files and other valuable papers.

These are only the primary Auto Shop Insurance coverage types available. You should also talk with your agent about Commercial Auto Insurance, commercial umbrella insurance, employment practices liability, life insurance and Workers Comp as well.

Why Choose Knapp Tedesco Insurance?

We understand the unique needs of an auto repair businesses and the best way to protect the livelihood of your business. In addition, we understand not only the responsibilities and needs of your business, but also the challenges that you face every day.

Lowering your risk also means lowering costs in order to improve your bottom line. You can count on us for fast and friendly service because we are dedicated to getting your business running as smoothly as possible.

If you do not want to risk losing your business or halting operations indefinitely, you need to obtain your Auto Body Shop Insurance quote right away. Just take a moment to submit the quick and easy quote form and you are on your way to protection and savings.