Iowa Convenience Store Insurance

Specialized Coverage For Your Business's Unique Needs

As a business owner, when it comes to owning and managing a convenience store, there are a lot of pieces to manage. Many times this includes managing the gas station, the retail, the liquor and sometimes even a restaurant. One of the most common incidents at convenience stores are customer slip and fall accidents. Imagine a customer slipped and fell on a wet floor in your store fracturing an ankle. Claims such as this happen all too often and tend to settle for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Having the right Convenience Store Insurance is a must, but it can be complicated. Having the right insurance agent to help you get the right protection is essential. At Knapp Tedesco Insurance, we can help you with all the details and secure the right insurance protection for you.

Pay Attention To The Coverage Details

Variety Stores Insurance provides you with the financial protection you need in case of an unfortunate event or an accident. If you own a convenience store in Iowa, you will want these basic coverages:

  • Building coverage – pays to repair or rebuild the building
  • Business Personal property – pays to replace your business personal property
  • Liability – protects you if you are ever responsible for bodily injury to someone or damage someone’s property. Liability coverage also covers defense costs if you are ever involved in a lawsuit.
  • Medical Payments – covers the cost of any injuries sustained for which the business could be liable. Typically covers smaller claims in a prompt manner.

There are many optional coverages that can be included on a convenience store policy in order to customize it to your specific needs. Here are a few of the custom coverages: Water back-up of sewers & drains, Equipment Breakdown, Spoilage, Money & Securities, Employee Dishonesty, Electronic Data, Signs on and off premise, extended glass coverage and pollution cleanup. It’s these insurance details that require know-how and we are here to help.

Stop Spending So Much on Insurance!

When an employee steals from you it hurts. In addition to being a violation of trust, it costs you. Not only does it hurt because of product loss but it can result in higher insurance costs because of persistent claims.

As a convenience store operator, what could hurt even more are:

  • Protection Gaps. This is where a portion of your operation is unprotected. This could cost you your store.
  • Spending Too Much on Insurance. This is a waste of your hard-earned dollars.

To cease worrying about this, contact us today. It is our business to take care of your protection gaps and to reduce your insurance costs.

First, we will review your business operations including any recent services you are offering. For example, if you just added an outdoor produce market or a propane gas tank exchange to your store, we will make sure they are adequately protected.

Second, we will help you structure safety procedures designed to reduce the risks of how you provide your products to your customers. Our expertise includes knowledge and programs in preventing employee theft, creating a safety-oriented workplace and ensuring OSHA compliance, among others.

The more you create a safe, minimal risk environment, the more money you can save on your insurance costs.

Knapp Tedesco Insurance – Your Local Insurance Experts

When you insure your convenience store with us, you have access to our agents – your trusted advisor – who will be your advocate in the process. Purchasing the right Convenience Store Insurance is very important and we can get you the right protection at the right price.

Knapp Tedesco Insurance has been providing Variety Stores Insurance in Iowa since 1926. Complete the Quote Form on this page and let us get to work on insuring your Convenience Store today!