Iowa Dentist Insurance

Millions of dollars each year are paid to patients who take legal action against their dentists. From nerve damage to ill-fitting dentures, more and more excuses for patients to sue seem to arise at an astounding rate. It is important that you insure your practice with Dentist Insurance.

At some point in your career as a practicing dentist, you are likely to be involved in some form of a litigation process. Legal fees alone for defending yourself can be significant.

What Does Dental Malpractice Insurance Cover?

When it comes to dental professionals, oral surgeons are oftentimes the highest risk to have claims made against them. Procedures used by oral surgeons are oftentimes more complicated. However, general practitioners and orthodontists are also at a high risk for legal action.

The Dental Liability Insurance offered by Knapp Tedesco Insurance will provide you with protection against malpractice settlements or judgments. In addition, you will also have coverage for any relevant legal fees and court costs.

Should you ever be subpoenaed as a dental expert or witness in a court case, your Dentist Insurance will cover the cost of any necessary consultations or legal fees. You may find yourself in this situation if a current or former patient is involved in a suit against another dental professional or if proper protocol needs to be established by the defense or prosecution in certain cases.

Some Risks That Dental Professionals Face

The longer you work in the dental profession, the more likely it is that you may be faced with some type of litigation. Some reasons you will be glad you have the right dental Dental Malpractice Insurance include:

  • Failure to obtain informed consent from the patient or their legal guardian
  • Failure to send a proper patient referral to be seen by a specialist
  • Improper performance of prosthodontics work, including fitting bridges and crowns
  • Improper, inappropriate or incorrect tooth extraction
  • Burns, cuts, falls or other injuries obtained by patients while visiting your office
  • Failure to treat or diagnose oral tumors, TMJ, periodontal disease or cancer
  • Complications from anesthesia

Other issues that are common in the dental industry include poor orthodontic work, adverse drug reactions and drill injuries. Depending on the magnitude of the problems or injuries that lead to legal action, the cost can be rather substantial.

Protect Your Finances And Your Future

Dental Liability Insurance can help you protect your financial future as well as the success of your dental practice. A single claim against a service that you perform can threaten your entire practice and your future as a dental professional. This coverage protects your career and future.

Additional Coverage You Should Consider

Although Dental Malpractice Insurance protects you from claims that result from rendered or omitted dental services, and general liability will protect you from claims of property damage or bodily injury resulting from your practice operations, you should also consider coverage for your equipment, income and office building.

Your Knapp Tedesco Insurance agent will review all the options that are available for dental professionals. We can even talk to you about additional specialty coverage tailored to meet your specific needs. Best of all, we can offer you the most comprehensive Dental Liability Insurance policy at an affordable price.

The next time you open your practice doors, someone could fall walking into the building. Your equipment could fail right in the middle of a procedure. You could miss signs of a serious condition with one of your patients. Protect your financial future, your patients and your practice right now by contacting Knapp Tedesco Insurance and investing in the right coverage today!