Iowa Tech Insurance

Technology companies thrive on the innovation. However, innovation oftentimes creates some form of risk, which can limit your company's potential and suppress your vision.

At Knapp Tedesco Insurance, we understand the importance of technology companies to feel safe as they are exploring and creating. Our goal is to protect your most valuable assets, innovation and creativity with a comprehensive Tech Insurance policy that is specialized to fit your exact needs.

Our knowledgeable agents understand the start-up, development stage and mature technology industry, which means we are able to anticipate and understand the changing nature of the risks that may face.

We offer coverage to protect you and your company from claims related to failing to use reasonable care or allegations of negligent actions. When you purchase Technology Insurance through Knapp Tedesco Insurance, you are given exclusive access to our experience and expertise in the protecting businesses in the technology industry.

Whether you run a large corporation or a company made up of a few developers working with laptops on a cloud server, you deserve the peace of mind that only comes from comprehensive IT Insurance coverage. We will provide you with coverage in the event a claim is filed against your cloud service, embedded software or application.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is a type of coverage that will ensure your protection against legal action and damages when a customer claims you are responsible for a breach of contract, programming errors or poor software performance. You cannot be expected to handle every task, so we offer you Tech Insurance that covers not only the mistakes that you may make, but also mistakes made by your employees and subcontractors.

As a business owner in the technology industry, the cost of a good insurance policy is minimal in comparison to the lost clientele and reputation issues that may result from such a mistake.

Business Owner's Policy And General Liability

General Liability Insurance will give you a baseline of protection. With this type of coverage, you will be protected against claims of bodily injury or property damage by a third party. This includes damages and injuries that your clients suffer while on the premises of your business.

If someone takes legal action against your company related to property damage or personal injury, the general liability portion of your Iowa Technology Insurance will cover the associated expenses. Typically, you will not have to worry about paying for the settlement costs and legal fees associated with such a lawsuit.

Errors And Omissions Insurance

Errors and omissions occur frequently in the technology industry. Clients these days have an increased tendency to take legal action when something does not go right. Technology companies need this coverage type to make sure their company and their employees are adequately protected.

Errors And Omissions Insurance is a separate policy that will protect you against liability claims for many different actions. Someone working for you may fail to take certain action or you may be accused of negligence. From service recommendations to installation advice, all technology professionals can make a mistake that leads to legal action.

Data Breach And Cyber Liability

Your IT Insurance policy should also include cyber liability coverage that will protect your company against liability and related expenses resulting from data loss, theft, security breaches and privacy breaches. This type of coverage is essential if your company hosts client information.

Even if your clients have their own cyber liability coverage for the information that is stored on their servers, it is wise to ensure your company is protected with your own coverage.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation provides you with coverage for expenses related to illnesses or injuries sustained by those that you employ while they are working for your company. In addition to coverage for medical bills, this will also cover a loss of income due to an employ not being able to work while recovering from an illness or injury. Your Knapp Tedesco Insurance agent will be able to provide you with all the necessary details to make sure that under your Technology Insurance program, everyone in your company is covered.

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