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Certified Work Comp Advisors

Knapp Tedesco Insurance is accredited by the Institute for WorkComp Professionals. When you place your business with a Certified Work Comp Advisor you will be working with an advanced business insurance consultant. Our training and education is specific to the workers' compensation industry and allows us to fully understand the errors that commonly occur and the processes that should be implemented to keep businesses from losing money. There are fewer than 300 insurance agencies who have earned the Certified Work Comp Advisor designation awarded by the Institute of WorkComp Professionals, the nation's largest network of trained workers' compensation professionals.

Our Work Comp Solutions Program

Experience Modification
An experience mod is a single number that reflects past workers' compensation losses and is used to predict future workers' compensation losses. As many as 50% of experience mods contain errors and more than 80% are mismanaged. Incorrect payroll figures, incorrect class codes, mismanaged claims leading to inaccurate information being reported to the rating bureau and improper application of credits are all common errors. Let our agents help your business implement some simple strategies that will allow you to control your experience mod.

Also, very few employers know their minimum experience mod. Driving your experience mod down to the minimum is the most profitable way to control your work comp costs. The minimum mod factor is an essential part of your financial health and Knapp Tedesco Insurance has solutions in place to help you achieve it.

Claims Management And Return To Work
While preventing work comp claims from happening in the first place is ideal, proper management of existing claims can have a big impact on your experience mod. Our Work Comp Solutions Program offers a simple 3-step process to manage work comp claims; before the claim, during the claim and after the claim.

There are many benefits of managing claims and the return to work process; fewer benefits are paid out, claim reserves are lower, expedites claim closure, fraudulent claims are reduced, litigation is reduced, and productivity is maintained. All of these lead to reduced work comp premiums and improved experience mods.

Injury Prevention and Safety
The process of injury prevention begins long before an employee injury occurs. By implementing some simple pre-employment steps gives your business the peace of mind knowing your employee is physically and mentally able to perform all the essential functions of the job.

Having a thorough safety plan in place makes it clear to employees that you have a serious attitude toward safety. A solid safety plan can also be used to defend company policies and procedures.

Access to our carrier Loss Control Specialist will provide loss prevention recommendations to reduce the frequency and severity of losses.

Let Knapp Tedesco Insurance Manage Your Work Comp

Workers' comp premiums are typically the largest insurance expenses for every business and far too often we find business owners who know very little about how to control their work comp. By working with us, we can assist you in establishing a process that reduces costs and improves productivity. We can guide you in the hiring process which is where workers' comp problems begin. Chances are you are paying too much for workers' comp. When you work with our Certified Work Comp Advisors you can be sure you're working with an insurance professional who has taken the extra steps and is trained in the unique process of the Institute of WorkComp Professionals to recognize errors and mistakes in your workers' comp program and recover money reducing your total workers' comp expense. Let us go to work for you today!

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