Iowa Employee Benefits

In the competitive environment of today's workforce, there is no room for waste. With less personnel in human resources and budgets tighter than ever, every effort and every dollar counts, especially when it comes to your company's Employee Benefits.

If you want to attract and retain the top talent for your business while reducing the burdens on administration and keeping benefit costs minimal, Knapp Tedesco Insurance can assist you. We will work with you to help you overcome the financial and benefit challenges, by offering you a wide array of benefit plans that will reward your employees and fit well in your company budget.

Group Health Insurance

A group health plan is the best way to provide medical coverage for your employees and their dependents. We will help you select the best plan for your business, and explain how you can invite the enrollment of your employees.

In most cases, you will cover a set amount of the monthly premium for each of your employees. You may also choose to contribute to the premium of the dependents. The remaining costs are typically covered by the employees.

Providing Group Health Insurance is as important as ever to employees and to retaining a good work force. Ask your agent for all of the details.

Group Life Insurance

This coverage is also important to help keep your employees, their families and their assets protected. The key is to offer such benefits without placing any additional burden on administration and keeping your cost as low as possible.

Regardless if you want a Group Life Insurance plan for your employees that is based on flat amounts, employee class, incremental amounts or salary multiples, we will work hard to create a plan that will offer the standard and optional coverage that suits the needs of your company. The plan we design for you will make this benefit even more appealing to your employees, so they are encouraged to remain loyal to your organization.

Group Dental Insurance

Group dental coverage is necessary to aid in the prevention of major problems and expenses associated with oral health. Group Dental Insurance plans from Knapp Tedesco Insurance provide coverage for services and plans aimed at helping your employees with the maintenance of good dental health.

Your agent will be able to explain the details of the wide range of insurance products that we have available for you and your employees.

Group Disability Insurance

Being disabled, even it is only for a short while, is one of those things many believe will never happen. However, you will be grateful that you have coverage when you need it.

Employers have the ability to offer disability benefits to their employees, which gives them the much needed peace of mind that they desire. Employees in all industries take comfort in knowing that there paycheck will be covered when they need it the most. At Knapp Tedesco Insurance, we understand Group Disability Insurance and the best coverage to ensure you and your employees are protected if such an event occurs.

Let us help you design an Employee Benefits package that is right for you and your employees.